Through great teaching, social activities, small groups and creative worship, students have the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God.



Growing up is hard to do. We believe that one of the hardest times in life is the transition from being a kid to becoming a teenager. For students, pressure comes from all sides. It tells them to compromise. It takes their lives and tries to convince them that the high school years are seen as practice for real life. The problem is that these years are not practice, this isn't rehearsal, this is LIFE! OurYouth exists to help students make the switch for Jesus and challenges students to become fully devoted followers of Christ.


GRADES 5-6- Club OC (Friday fortnightly)

Friday fortnightly (during school terms) from 6.30pm-8pm at OurChurch. It takes a village to raise a child and at OurChurch we want to partner with parents of students to see a generation raised for Jesus. This village style group is crafted to capture and engage students from year 5 prior to them being ready to join OurYouth during their first year of highschool. By engaging in games and interactive teaching students will learn to hear from God through their own SOAP devotions and build great friendships that will last them through their teenage years. For details on dates and where to meet check out the Facebook page


GRADES 7-12(Friday weekly)

Join us every Friday night at our Burleigh Campus from 6.45pm for devotions together or Youth program runs from 7.30pm-9pm during school terms. On Sunday afternoons every few weeks the Youth team and kids get together for PLUGGED IN. During the holidays our program varies to be sure to check out the Facebook page for up to date information. 

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