It is in a village that you will reach out, connect, serve and grow in your relationship with God.

Villages are small groups of people who meet regularly in order to make a difference in the community, develop friendships and challenge each other to be more like Christ. Villages meet in homes, coffee shops, parks, libraries, or wherever there is room! They are the best place to meet people and feel a part of OurChurch.

Villages come in all shapes and sizes. Every Village has a different focus depending on the needs of the people in the group. We encourage you to find a Village where you feel at home so that you can grow deeper in your relationship with God. 

Villages include G3 groups.

A G3 is a small group who commit to doing life together. It’s discipleship in community, a tool for personal growth which provides encouragement, commitment and accountability for those involved. The power of the G3 is in the regular sharing of devotions. You can download a guide for G3 groups here.

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