At OurChurch we believe that discipleship is a life-long journey and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We have collated a range of resources to support you on your journey as we grow together.

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Undying devotion to the Word of God is at our core.  We value time in His Word, and the application of His word to our lives through our daily devotions. We use the LIFE journal reading plan and SOAP method, as it helps ensure that the personal revelation of scripture you receive is applied to your life. As you read His word and chronicle what God is saying to you over the weeks and years it is powerful. God will speak to you through His word, and it will impact your life!

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We value and love gathering together to worship our God!

Our Family Experiences are a chance to meet together and learn and grow. This is the gathering of the whole family, when all our villages come together for worship, fellowship, communion and teaching. OurKids gather while our family experiences take place, and OurYouth meet together on a Friday evening.

Through deep community in our villages and G3’s (intentional small groups) we learn to love God, love others and become everyday disciples making disciples. In villages, everyone cares for one another, contributes, and there is accountability for growth.


At OurChurch we value investing in ourselves to Learn and Grow. There are a number of courses and resources available to equip you on this journey.