Values to Live By

These are the values that shape the culture here at OurChurch

Be carriers of the presence of God.

Led by the Holy Spirit we develop genuine relationships and share the gospel in a way that reaches the heart of people.

Guard our unity, serve God and others.

We know that we can accomplish far more together than apart so we guard and protect the unity of our faith for the blessing of the generations to come. We are a people who are called to be sacrificial contributors not just consumers.

Sharing our faith! Lost people matter to God.

We are a people who joyfully and generously share our whole lives with others. We have a gracious spirit in all of our dealings.


Bringing your best to God.

We are a people who always bring our best to God and others and love to laugh along the way.


Mastering the gift God has entrusted to you.

We are a people who are committed to a lifestyle of consistent spiritual growth and honest accountability in community.

Care for people.

We are a people who believe that honour and respect are values to live by. Preferring others before ourselves with humility is important. We are committed to motivating and encouraging others.


Live a life that is an example to others.

We are a people who show courage and conviction in the face of challenges.

As Jesus followers model and display love for Christ daily and be ready to share that love with others when the opportunity arises.

Living a Christ-like life.

Pursuing full maturity in Christ with character and integrity.  We are a people who seek to walk in holiness and stand against what is culturally popular when it is not doctrinally pure.

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” (Jesus) Luke 11:28