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Sharing the greatest message in the world, to the world, one village at a time!

The fundamental mission of our partner, Empart, exists to bring holistic transformation to individuals and communities in India. 

OurChurch partners with Empart to sow into the very fertile soil of India, financially and prayerfully, supporting missionaries who have a burden to reach their own people.  

OurChurch sponsors 3 church planters. Across this year that represents 3 previously unreached villages who will hear for the first time that ‘Whoever finds God finds life’. 

Faith Tribal Ministries - The Philippines

We are humbled to partner with Faith Tribal Ministries (FTM) as they continue in their mission, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to bring the Gospel of hope to the unreached mountain tribes of Mindanao, in the Philippines.

The vision to reach, educate and train local men and women and see them released to reach the tribes is outworked through a combination of initiatives.  These projects include a radio ministry, mission field training, revival meetings, open air crusades, and the Faith Bible Institute.

Through OurChurch’s sponsorship of the Radio Ministry, FTM are able to secure one hour on a commercial radio station every Saturday night throughout the year and broadcast the message of hope, love and transformation to over 450,000 listeners throughout Mindanao and beyond. The testimonies of changed lives as a result of the radio ministry are incredible. 

As inroads are made into these tribal villages through the Radio Ministry and follow up mission trips and evangelistic crusades are held, FTM are seeing hundreds of tribal people find new life in God. The sick are healed and the door of opportunity is opened to build and plant new churches. Since commencing our partnership with FTM, over 90 churches have been planted as a result of the Radio Ministry.

Missionary and pastoral training occurs at FTM’s Regional Faith Bible Institute, where this year, OurChurch will sponsor another 36 students through the school year, providing 12 months of tuition, school supplies and accommodation.

What a blessing to be able to partner with the next generation of world changers! 

Philippines Mission Trips

As a member of a short term missions trip you are guaranteed to come home changed, inspired and more in love with Jesus!

OurChurch has bi-annual trips to Generals Santos, Mindanao, to connect with the students and staff at the Regional Faith Bible Institute, visit recent church plants in mountain villages, take part in the Radio Ministry Broadcast, and participate in a number of outreach meetings. 

Contact Ruth Arnold email: to find out more and register your interest!


Christine lives in and loves our South East Asia (SEA) neighbours. Using her educational background and as a volunteer with AusAID, Christine is involved in activities developing culturally relevant resources, storytelling and discussion to bring to life God’s character.

Many parts of SEA do not yet experience freedom and respect for people to follow Jesus.  Where Christine works, there are strict regulations on faith gatherings - for example it is illegal to have more than 15 people meet for any spiritual activity unless permission is granted from the government. Bombings of churches are frequent.   

Please be encouraged to pray specifically for Christine and the work the Lord is leading in SEA.  

hope medical centre, dabaa, ghana

Upon completion of the Hope Medical Centre in 2012, the facility was gifted to the nation of Ghana. The Ghanaian Government’s Ministry of Health fully staff, administer and fund the Centre.

Dabaa is a small rural town located just outside the biggest city in Ghana, Kumasi (1-2 hours drive depending on the weather and the unsealed roads).

In a nation where every single month one in nine children die before their fifth birthday from preventable diseases including malaria, acute respiratory infections, diarrhoea, measles, polio and malnutrition, lives are now being changed forever. No longer do children in this region have to die from preventable causes.

The focus of the Hope Medical Centre is emergency medical assistance, maternal health and pre and post natal care. The Hope Medical Centre offers a staff including doctors, nurses, midwives, community health educators and pharmacists and consists of consultation room, operating theatre, recovery rooms (20 short stay beds), a laboratory and dispensary.