Love This City is more than just words - we are raising up an army of volunteers who put ideas into action, loving and serving our community in many and varied ways and forms. Our volunteers have fun engaging in a wide range of acts of service, as we put our ideas into action and love and serve our community in practical ways. 

Love this City Inc is a registered charity (with full tax deductible status) and has a vision for the thriving, connected and healthy community. Our mission is to see our city transformed through partnership and community.

This takes many forms, including emergency assistance for families and individuals (the provision of food, accommodation, clothing, and financial relief), as well as financial counselling and support and a wide variety of practical expressions of love and service.

All our efforts are guided by our vision to love God and love others.

Two new programs we are exploring at OurChurch are CAP & COACH


CAP (Christians Against Poverty) have a vision to bring hope and freedom by releasing people from a life sentence of debt, poverty and its causes.

CAP is the only free, holistic debt management charity in Australia.

We are exploring a CAP Debt Centre to be based here at OurChurch to provide debt counselling through community-based home visits to lift people out of debt and poverty.

In addition to the professional debt counselling offered at no cost to the clients through the CAP Debt Centre, clients can be taken through a money management course that gives them the opportunity to learn skills that have a lasting impact on their finances, as they learn to budget, save and spend better.


We are looking for people who would be interested in being CAP mentors. This would involve pastorally caring for and building relationships with the clients as their debt is managed by CAP professionals.


The aim of COACH is to see people in tough places flourish through one to one mentoring. The focus is on families and children, and seeing individuals, families and communities being transformed socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually.

COACH stands for Creating Opportunities And Casting Hope.

As role models, mentors build a sustained relationship, offering practical help and mentoring towards life goals.

Volunteer mentors have in depth screening and COACH training.

Mentors will be matched with participants who are referred through our relationships with local welfare agencies, health services, schools and community groups.


We are looking for volunteers who are keen to get involved in the role of COACH Mentors, ready to commit to walking the journey with a family or individual for 12 months as they set and work towards reaching life goals. Full and indepth training is provided.

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