To partner with the Holy Spirit to teach people to love God, love others and make disciples who make disciples.


A multi-generational church of intentional small groups with a focus on family & healthy relationships.

[ Vision ]

One Church, Multiple Locations, Multiple Expressions.

The Church That I See

Imagine a church not limited by buildings and facilities. A church with a structure that allows God to expand His Kingdom organically under the Holy Spirit’s direction. A community in which everyone has the potential to learn and grow, no matter where they live or their circumstances in life.

In this church, every person is committed to protect and serve each other while acknowledging the vital role each plays in fulfilling the Father’s plan and purpose. Every person is treated with honour and respect regardless of age, race or gender as they engage with courage and conviction in mission and discipleship.

This church is Spirit led, spreading like a bush fire from suburb to suburb and city to city carrying the timeless message of Christ’s love, forgiveness and redemption. The Kingdom of God contagiously advances into families, education, sports, politics, media, business and the arts through a people with hearts of love and generosity, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Through this church, the culture-shaping agents of society will once again be captured and redeemed for our heavenly Father’s plan and purpose. A church like this will be a powerful force for good, helping people connect with their Creator. This church displays to the world a life filled with fun as each member carries the joy of the Lord deep within their souls. It will be counter culture and propelled by a love for God and for people.

Imagine a church where every home, workplace, shopping centre and place of business becomes a potential venue for mission and discipleship. This church will once again become a movement of exponential growth. Through this church, led by the Holy Spirit, the gospel is advancing everywhere.

Friends, this is where our God is taking our church. We are guided by servant-hearted leaders and propelled along by the Holy Spirit. We are sustained through life giving systems and structures that ensure the continuation of organic growth.

We are a people committed to being Spirit led and Kingdom value driven. Our church wakes everyday to do our heavenly Father’s business for we are saved and commissioned to go into all the world and share the gospel. Our church exists to fulfill our heavenly Father’s plans and purpose of being 'one church in multiple locations with multiple expressions'. Our church will remain mobile and flexible continuing to adapt in order to reach all people.

Can you imagine a church like that? I can. I can see it, I can feel it.

The Father is shaping us and moulding us into that church. His Church.

He is our God. We are His People. And His Church is OurChurch.

Welcome to OurChurch.