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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Now, I know it’s only November… but if the next few weeks fly by as quickly as this year has, it will be Christmas before we know it!

And I for one, am excited! I LOVE Christmas!

Yes, I’m one of those people who starts playing the carols in July. In fact carols are probably one of my favourite things about Christmas - and there are a LOT of things I love about Christmas!

I love pretty much everything about Christmas... except fruit mince pies.

I love Christmas movies (yes, even the sappy ones), I love that the family gathers, I love the decorations, the fairy lights, I love the “spirit of Christmas” that somehow turns strangers into neighbours even just for a short season.

But what I love most is that it is a reminder about the most real, the most powerful,  the greatest love story ever told.

Christmas reminds us that God loved us so much He sent His Son Jesus into the world. God healed the great divide between us and Him.  He invites us into a relationship.

It’s what CS Lewis calls “The Grand Miracle”.

It doesn’t matter who we are, we’re all loved by God and He longs for each of us to join in this relationship with Him.

That’s why I love Christmas.

God’s Christmas gift to us - Jesus - is the most extravagant and radically generous gift ever given.

That is a gift that we humbly receive. And it inspires in us the heart of radical generosity…

Last week, we launched our Radical Christmas campaign for 2018.

Radical Christmas is one of the other reasons I love this season so much!
It’s about making someone else’s life a little brighter.

Sharing, in very practical ways, God’s love.

This year, we have chosen five words to feature within our Radical Christmas initiative. You will see these words beautifully hand lettered by an amazing team of volunteers across all the decorations being sold, and the Christmas gift tags being given.

And for me, these five words really encapsulate this season.

The words are love, joy, peace, hope and Jesus.

Over the next few weeks, I will share a short blog about what each of those words, and highlight some of the Radical Christmas gifts we have this year and how your involvement in our Radical Christmas Campaign brings love, joy, peace and hope this Christmas.