Parents for Life Course


Parents for Life helps couples discover God’s plan for husband and wife to work together nurturing and developing the children He sends to them. Coaching couples, who are parents themselves, help couples learn to walk in the power of parenting God’s way.

This course not only brings healing and growth to children, but also helps parents walk through their own healing and growth from wounds of their childhoods. Parents for Life brings healing to the generations through God’s power working in the relationship of husband and wife.

Who is the course for? It is relevant from pregnancy all the way up to adulthood. Parents are parents for life and the course is designed to equip you as you walk through each stage from birth all the way through to release.

Parents for Life is a nine-week parenting course for married couples—nine weeks that will change your family forever!

If you would like to join in with this group - contact Mark Richardson 0410 593 337. There is a $25 cost to cover the workbook.