Acts 2 Alliance

A2A embraces traditional evangelical theology, including the central truths of the charismatic renewal that has swept across the church worldwide and given it the dynamic expression of spiritual life and explosive growth we see today. We are autonomous churches in community together for the purpose of mutual encouragement and relational accountability.

Our name A2A is inspired by the exciting verses from Acts 2 which describe the early church. We have asked the question, why can’t we reflect these foundational principles for the church today?

The churches which form our movement come from diverse expressions and reflect our belief that our unity is based on our faith in Jesus Christ. Our Movement’s name is therefore an abbreviation of Acts Chapter Two. A2A Churches have joined forces to strengthen and encourage each other, so that leaders can endure and churches can prevail – because “together we can”.

Here are the links to the A2A website and A2A Facebook pages for more info.