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Strong Finances, Strong Marriage

This course is designed to help married couples manage their money together according to God's principles. So many marriages struggle due to miscommunication and poor handling over personal finances. This course will help change that!

  • Module 1: Marriage & Money
  • Module 2: Foundations
  • Module 3: Debt
  • Module 4: Communication & Common Problems
  • Module 5: Teaching your Kids about Money

Young and Financially Fit

Starting out your financial life? Be inspired by God’s word and his plan for your life. Did you know God has a plan for your whole life, including your money? Learn how to put in place solid foundations that will set you up for the rest of your life. Challenge your current views of money and discover God’s view of money. Learn about key financial planning issues that are relevant for this stage of life and be provided with the tools to apply it in your daily life.

  • Module 1: God & Money
  • Module 2: Foundations
  • Module 3: Debt
  • Module 4: Foundations - Part B
  • Module 5: Before you say "I Do"

Retirement Revolution

Too often most of us spend the first half of our lives scrambling; building a career, buying a home, starting a family that it can be easy to lose sight of the purpose that God had for us. This course will help you get your finances on the trajectory of financial independence, without losing your God dependence, and reignite your purpose for your second half!

  • Module 1: Finishing Strong
  • Module 2: Foundations
  • Module 3: Long Term Planning
  • Module 4: Wealth Creation
  • Module 5: Estate Planning



Wealth with Purpose

Learn the tools and wisdom you need to get your finances on track, in line with God’s word and position you to live free! You will discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it to get your finances into great shape swiftly.

  • Module 1: God & Money
  • Module 2: Foundations
  • Module 3: Debt
  • Module 4: Stewardship
  • Module 5: Giving & Generosity
  • Module 6: Wealth Creation
  • Module 7: Insurance
  • Module 8: Long-Term Planning
  • Module 9: Understanding the Times - Personal Edition
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Kingdom Business Kick start

This course is designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners get their business off to a flying start. You will discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it to ensure you get your business off the ground swiftly. You don’t need any pre-existing financial or business knowledge. All you need is a passion to learn and a willingness to put it into practice.

  • Module 1: Kingdom Business
  • Module 2: Business Planning
  • Module 3: Marketing 101
  • Module 4: Funding & Debt
  • Module 5: Kingdom Business Principles
  • Module 6: Kingdom Business Finances
  • Module 7: People Business One
  • Module 8: People Business Two
  • Module 9: Business Operations
  • Module 10: Build it or Buy it
  • Module 11: Understanding the Times