Quilting Fabric-Radical Christmas 2016

Our annual Radical Christmas Campaign has launched, as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour by giving HOPE.

One of the gifts you can purchase in love this this year to spread the joy of Christmas is the Quilting Fabric.

For $5, purchase 1m of fun printed fabric or wadding to be used by the Connected Threads team to create children’s quilts for Hummingbird House, Queensland’s only Children’s Hospice.

Heather Hiley shared beautifully on Sunday her heart, and that of the Connected Threads team, in regards to the quilts that they make to give away :

"Hand made quilts are very special.

They are not just blankets – they have been created in love by real people. As these quilts are made we think of the children who will receive them.

Prayers go into each quilt as we sew – a quilter leaves part of themselves in every quilt that is sewn.

The child who receives it will be able to snuggle up in all the love and comfort that goes with the quilt.

It is also a way we feel like we are doing something that we enjoy and at the same time we are able to help a very sick child in need of some comfort.

Thank you for contributing and making this all possible through “Love This City” Radical Christmas program."

Visit Radical Christmas 2016 for more info, visit the Radical Christmas Display this Sunday, or email info@ourchurch.org.au to purchase your gifts.