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Rest & Righteousness

12th July 2016

SCRIPTURE: Heb: 4:9-10 “There remains then a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from His”

OBSERVATION: When one enters into the rest found in Christ, one shall stop doing one’s own work. There is a stopping and re-calibration into God’s rest to eventually participate into the work which God has for us. Hosea 10: 12-13 – reveals to us that when we don’t enter into that rest of righteousness, we plant wickedness and are repaid by evil and fall into deception. Why? Because we depended on our own strength – instead of entering into the righteous rest of God by ceasing to work things out our own way.  Psalm 73 shows us why we keep striving in our own strength, because we envy those who are prospering in this world. Rather than rest in God for those kinds of things, we determine to make it happen ourselves so we lose our rest – and heap disaster on ourselves and those closest to us.

APPLICATION: I must stay and operate from that place of rest and righteousness in God if I am to remain in His blessing. I must start to practice the presence of God so that I can quickly know when I am not being carried along in His work and rest, and when I am reverting back to making things happen in my own strength – to quickly know when I am drifting into unfaithfulness to God which leads to wickedness, evil and deception. My heart will drift if I start to envy what the people of the world have materially

PRAYER: Father please help me to remain and function and work from that place of rest!

Ps Kev