Orange Hotspot - April 2017

Parents have to think like an investor who is contributing a little every week.

There is no such thing as instant return on faith or character. Again, the secret is time over time.

Our attraction to immediate results can keep us so busy we never engage in work that has lasting impact. We get so preoccupied with what we can measure that we don't give attention to what we can't measure.

Did you every stop to think:

  • The reason you can't monitor emotional growth is because it's too gradual?
  • The reason you can't see spiritual growth is because it's too spiritual?
  • The reason you can't predict pivotal moments is because they're too unpredictable?

That's why showing up again this week matters.

The best thing you can do is choose to keep...

  • Investing in what you can't see
  • being present for what you are not sure is happening.
  • trusting that your investment will ultimately see a return.