It Always Starts in the Heart - By Ps Kev


Ezra 1:5 - Then the family heads of Judah and Benjamin, and the priest and levites - everyone whose heart God had moved - prepared to go up and build the house of the Lord in Jerusalem.


Before the people will commit to building and working on the vision, before I can commit to building and working on the vision, God must first do a work in our hearts. Our hearts must first be shifted and moved to prepare us for the journey ahead of us. It starts in the heart and ends with a miracle! Even Jesus was first moved with compassion in His heart before people ever received the answer to prayer or the miracle.


Above all else I must guard my heart from becoming hard and immovable to the breath of the Father's Spirit. I must remain in the scriptures allowing the Holy Spirit to transform me into something shapeable in His hands. I must daily learn to be carried along by the Holy Spirit. Every miracle received, every goal achieved and every vision accomplished will only come to pass if God has people whose hearts are soft and moveable by Him. Can I make lifestyle adjustments to prepare and make room for the miracle to happen?


Father help me to always have a heart that is able to be moved by you. Give me a responsive heart to make room for your work in and then through me! It starts in the Heart and Ends in a Miracle!