A Testimony of God's Financial Faithfulness

If it will help anyone, use it. I realized that financial situations are probably much different today.

Through it all I just want to encourage and yell out that if God is our source, whether we have a little or a lot, we will be content.

Proverbs 3:9 & 10, Psalms 37:25 & 26

A Testimony of Gods financial faithfulness

Anyone may read it or use it, I don’t feel to speak it out. My voice is too shaky and I doubt it would appeal to the younger generation our church is encouraging.

Things have changed a lot in 30 years.

Social services are readily available and money seems to be spent more freely. However God will help anyone who trusts him with their finances.

The next 2 pages are an introduction.

Came to Burleigh in 1964. George was Qld sales manager for Firestone Rubber. 2 daughters Sue and Janet. Janet was 11, had Cystic Fibrosis and was constantly a patient at Prince Charles Hospital.

She almost died in 1971 and by another miraculous incident we met Ps Ted Watson, and ended up with he and Karin at their fledgling church. Ps Ted taught me to tithe and give. After 7 wonderful years Janet died.

Shortly after, George and I took his long service leave and had a 6 week overseas holiday – rather expensive.

Soon after Firestone (American company) left Australia and George was out of a job, first time since he was 14, no super then, the dole was just starting, however we chose not to take it and he did menial things like cleaning and selling greeting cards. By now he was also born again and he made an earnest prayer that be could finish his working life with a managerial position.

To my surprise, he got one in Brisbane.  Retirement Villages were very new but he got the job of manager of one being built. One of the reasons was his wife (me) was a trained nurse. (however I was never on the payroll). So I had to go and I cried and cried and beseeched God about it.

I loved Gold Coast Christian Community and we had an amazing home group, our own musicians, healings, prophecies etc etc. I never had one like it since. Amazing manifestations of the Holy Spirit. God has seasons I am sure and that one was over for me. The Village was a mission field untouched and raw!!

Here I must mention the scripture God gave me and I clung on to:

Jeremiah 29:7 Seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away, pray to the Lord for its peace and you shall have peace.

Verses 11-14 which ends with “I will bring you back to the place from which I caused you to be carried away.” So he did.

When I stopped crying and settled in I quickly enjoyed village life. Had many adventures – the worst = a World War 2 Vet blew his brains out (literally) the staff consisted of George, a gardener and unpaid me. I had to clean the unit and will never forget the bits of brain on the ceiling. The company sent me a big arrangement of flowers and a thank- you card!!

After 3 years we came back to Burleigh. FIRST BLESSING – Our house had been on the market for those 3 years and not sold. The minute we got back it sold and we bought a new place nearer the sea for exactly the same price (the old house was near where Stocklands is now).

Now my financial testimony.

Between us we retired in 1986 with $40,000, quite good for that time.

Amicably we took $20,000 each.

Our dear Ps Ted had tragically died and Christian Community had a new pastor who set about building a church.

He asked for interest free loans from the congregation. Flushed with all my $20,000 I rushed in and gave (lent) the lot for 2 years. However just as well God was firmly in control because these was no legal documentation. Interest was about 17% but I gave it interest free.

After 2 years I requested it back. We had a different treasure who thought it had been a gift!! Praise God I received it back amicably. Today as I write that about is $20,200!!

During the 2 years, I had learned to live on the pension as I had no other income. (Still don’t) now is the amazing part.

About 1989 had a tour with Women’s Aglow to America for a month. Disneyland, San Francisco, New York, Washing – wonderful conference in San Antonia (10,000 worshiping women – never forget it) Cost at least $8,000.

3 Missions trips to Fiji (forget how much)

Bibles into China – 7 trips from Hong Kong and one to Beijing (Great Wall, , Forbidden City etc.)

Russia 2 weeks ministry in Perm and Moscow

Another trip to Perth with Women’s Aglow and gave an Anglican Minister $2000 to go (glad I did because he died soon after)

After all that only had family holidays in Australia, no great expense with travel.

I am a thrifty person but have never gone without good food, decent clothes and some entertainment!

George and I share household expenses. We each tithe and give – try to seek where God says to give,

Last 2 years brought plot and paid for funerals $6,000, started an account for great grandchild $6,000. Also I undertook to pay our medical insurance (both of us) some of my pensioner friends say they can’t afford it, but I say we can’t afford not to have medical insurance.

In the last year my pension has decreased by $50 a week. Still my bank account is $20,000 +.

I can’t explain it. I don’t have dollars falling from the sky – it just happens naturally. Some may ask what about George? He didn’t come on any missionary trips but still he managers quite well – He gets a small D.V.A. extra pension and he takes care of our car. Rates, Body corp, electricity , water etc, have all gone considerably but God is in control.

I think that $20,000 will keep going until I die and If there are any debts (for funeral etc) it will take care of them.

End of story for now.

PS. In writing this I would never suggest that everyone recklessly gives all to the church – unless a strong leading from God and if it is a loan do itlegally – I'm sure Kirsten would see to it.

However I have to say it is a good feeling to be a bit reckless.

Wonder if the widow in Mark 12:44 threw all her money in saying “this is all I have God take it.”
She received a lasting memorial and I am sure God took care of her because it is impossible to out give God.

June Robertson